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Aloyse's Platform


Safely Reducing Jail Overcrowding

Today, it takes 300 personnel at the direction of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department to house our jail population, while only 80 officers participate in street-level law enforcement. That’s backwards, and needs to change. First, we can safely reduce jail overcrowding by examining the efficacy of our bail bonding laws.  You can read my full remarks on how to fix this issue here.  

 Repairing Our Roads

Under this administration, Hamilton County’s budget hasn’t prioritized fixing the crumbling pavement and asphalt we’re forced to navigate everyday.  Aloyse will work with innovative strategies to re-prioritize our budget and free up funds to smooth our roads and bridges and make them safe. She’ll forge vital partnerships with state and federal officials to steer critical infrastructure updates to Hamilton County.

  • Putting Our Schools Back on Track

  • Reducing Violent Crime

  • Total Government Transparency

  • Safely Reducing Jail Overcrowding

  • Finally Investing in Our Crumbling County Roads

Putting Our Schools Back on Track

It’s time to ask ourselves: Are we properly investing in our children’s future?

Hamilton County Schools have between $200-300 million backlog in deferred facility maintenance. How well can our children learn when our school buildings are in such poor condition? We rank 35th in the state in teacher pay. Can our students really excel if we’re shuffling teachers in and out by the semester? Unfortunately, the lack of investment is showing in the results: Only 43% of Hamilton County 3rd graders are reading at grade level. This has to change, and time is of the essence.

For far too-long we’ve used half-measures and stop-gaps and called it public-school policy.  Aloyse will end that practice. The future of our economy hangs in the balance if we don’t commit to educating tomorrow’s workforce.  Read my full remarks on how we can help Hamilton County schools here. 

Reducing Violent Crime

Hamilton County must do its part in keeping every neighborhood safe from violent crime. Aloyse will create a Gang Task Force to collaborate with city police and assist in modern, data-driven law enforcement techniques that target violent offenders. Countless studies show that early intervention is the key to steering at-risk youth away from dangerous choices. Aloyse supports placing School Resource Officers in every school so that we may reach endangered students in moments of crisis, and help them find paths to productivity and prosperity.

Total Government Transparency

Are you tired of guessing what discussions about our future are taking place behind closed doors? In 2017, elected officials made important decisions about our property tax rates away from public view. The matter was announced and passed without any public input - all in about a week. It’s time to end these outdated political schemes, and invite every citizen to take part in shaping the future of Hamilton County. Read about how I plan to create a more transparent Hamilton County government here.