Statement from Aloyse Brown Following  Recent Controversy on Public School Integration

Statement from Aloyse Brown Following Recent Controversy on Public School Integration

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Chattanooga, Tenn., May 17, 2018 - Aloyse Brown, candidate for Hamilton County Mayor, released the following statement: 

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“I’ve been monitoring the recent controversy involving Hamilton County School Board members, advocacy group UnifiEd, and other local leaders. Like many Hamilton County residents, I am concerned. 

“Mayor Jim Coppinger, who accepted an endorsement from UnifiEd, has been silent on this issue. In previous community forums he has clearly stated that he is in favor of the socio-economic desegregation of our schools. However, his progressive stance is only necessary because of his own consistent failures of leadership on the issue of public school funding. In short, we should never have gotten to this point. This is negligence - negligence that is apparent in a $257 million dollar backlog of deferred maintenance in our school’s facilities. 

“The very fact that UnifiEd is calling on Hamilton County schools to adopt desegregation measures is a direct result of ineffective and short-sighted public school funding choices that have a discriminating effect on those of limited means. 

“Fixing the shortcomings in our public education system is a matter of choice - a choice that Mr. Coppinger is clearly unwilling to make. I am ready to make the choice for providing funding that builds a solid platform for our children’s futures by fixing Hamilton County public schools. As Mayor, I will see to it that the value we place on public education is a direct reflection of the concern that we have for this community’s economic future. 

“The truth is that families want to raise their children in safe neighborhoods with access to great schools that are just down the block from where they live. We all deserve access. We all deserve knowledge, and opportunity. Every child deserves a rigorous education that expands their horizons and prepares them for the demands of a dynamic economy. Every teacher deserves the resources and tools they need in order to deliver a world-class, 21st century curriculum. Access to these things shouldn’t depend on where you live in Hamilton County. 

“Jim Coppinger: Where are you? 

“I’m calling on everyone in Hamilton County to shift their thinking from short-sighted policy fixes to long-term strategic solutions. As your next Mayor, I pledge to lead the way.” 

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