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Together We Can Change Hamilton County, Tennessee

Election Day is August 2. It's not too late to join your community in supporting Aloyse Brown for County Mayor.  Help support our work to engage, connect, and empower a campaign to change Hamilton County, Tennessee to believe in a better tomorrow and take action to create positive change for every Hamilton County resident. 


Why is Aloyse Brown running for County Mayor?

Hamilton County has placed itself at the cutting edge of the new economy, and it needs a leader that can navigate the dynamic changes that come as our community’s needs shift along the way.  In a place where the line between urban and rural is incredibly thin, we must adapt to these exciting changes while maintaining our sense of place, preserving our beauty, and providing opportunity and belonging for all. 

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Updates & News

Read the latest news releases from the campaign and dive deeper into the issues that our campaign is focused in addressing. From government transparency to safely reducing jail overcrowding to improving public education and infrastructure, there's much to discuss and explore in the campaign blog. 

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For Family and a Better Tomorrow

Over the past couple of years Aloyse Brown has joined in the chorus that more people with integrity, intellect, and innovative know-how needed to get involved in politics and could no longer deny the call to serve. Realizing that her experience as a mother, preacher’s wife, and concerned citizen, paired with a decade of experience managing multi-million dollar budgets and projects, for a multi-billion dollar employee benefits provider is exactly the experience we need.

"If you don’t underestimate me, I won’t underestimate you."

— Bob Dylan